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For Attorneys Inheritance Tax (IHT) Planning can be difficult, as traditional IHT planning will generally require the agreement of the Court of Protection. It may be that the Court does not agree that making lifetime gifts or placing assets into a trust is an appropriate strategy for the client. Business Relief (BR) investments offer a plan for IHT without depriving the donee or the need for Court of Protection approval.

Client Scenario

  • James and his sister have lasting power of attorney over their mother Joan’s assets. Joan is now 86 and has an estate worth over £400,000 subject to IHT, after using her nil rate bands.
  • The Court of Protection is unlikely to allow an outright gift or gift into Trust, as this will make the money inaccessible and disadvantage Joan
  • It is unlikely Joan would pass medical underwriting to insure against the Inheritance Tax due
  • James is concerned to do the right thing for his mother but knows she was keen to pass on as much wealth to him and his sister as possible

Solution: Business Relief

  • By investing in BR Assets Joan retains ownership of the assets
  • Should her condition improve and the power of attorney revoked she could enjoy the benefit of this money
  • Alternatively, should Joan need to access the money for care in her old age, this can be arranged with the BR provider
  • Joan has a choice of Growth assets or more conservative asset backed, capital preservation Business Relief assets


Business Relief and Power Of Attorney


Capital is at risk and the investor may not get back the amount invested

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Download Case Study as PDF

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