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ProductEdition EIS Scale Up Tranche
Offer Edition have pre-identified 5 companies for this year's offer which will cornerstone investors’ portfolios.
Minimum Investment£10,000 for advised clients and £25,000 for non-advised clients
Maximum Investment There is no restriction on the maximum subscription. However, the maximum amount on which an Investor can obtain EIS Income Tax Relief in any tax year is limited to £1,000,000
Initial Charge2.5% advised
5.5% non-advised (up to 3% commission payable to financial intermediaries)
AMC2% of the total investment
Performance Fee 20% of Fund proceeds in excess of £1.20 per £1.00 invested
Custodian fee0.15% p.a
Offer Close Date15th December 2023 and 1st April 2024 (subject to Manager discretion).
Minimum Investment Period3 years to qualify for tax relief
LiquidityInvestors will receive distributions from the proceeds of successful realisations as they are made
Exit Charge0%
Target Return£2 per £1 invested
Loss ReliefYes
IHT ReliefYes
Investment HorizonTarget: 4-7 years
Manager Edition Capital
Tax-free GrowthYes
Tax-free DividendsNo
Income Tax ReliefYes. Subject to minimum holding period.

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