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Unicorn AIM VCT (‘the VCT’) has closed its latest £10 million offer, having been fully subscribed. Investors who missed out on the latest VCT offer can still access Unicorn’s AIM expertise via the Unicorn AIM IHT Portfolio Service. The Service is also available via ISAs giving investors the opportunity for tax-free income and growth alongside 100% mitigation from IHT, after a minimum holding period of two years.

Unicorn has been one of the leading institutional investors in the AIM market since its inception in 2000. It currently manages over £250 million in AIM stocks across its range of UK OEICS and the AIM-focused VCT.

The VCT has continued to provide regular tax-free dividend income for investors. A dividend of 6.25 pence per share was paid on 19 February 2016, bringing total dividends paid to investors since launch in 2001 to over £43 million. The VCT also holds substantial reserves, which are available for future dividend distribution.

Despite earlier uncertainty, 2016 looks like it will be a positive tax season, as a recent LGBR Capital report on the industry outlines:

‘Recent headlines regarding EU intervention and renewables have done nothing to dampen demand and even the fears regarding a short-term supply crunch would appear to be overblown. Despite worries that this year’s fund-raising season could have dropped significantly compared with last year’s £429 million in VCT fund raising, and taking into account some major names either having forsworn any top-ups this year or leaving it very late, it looks likely that the total raised in the current tax year will be less than 10% down on the 2014/15 figure.’ Efficiency savings: adjusting to the new tax-advantaged investment landscape

Chris Hutchinson, Manager of the Unicorn AIM VCT commented, “We continue to see attractive opportunities in the AIM and smaller companies sector. At present, the existing portfolio of investee companies continues to develop and prosper. Because of the new rules, inevitably we will be looking at slightly earlier stage businesses than has been the case historically, however I am confident that we will continue to unearth compelling investment opportunities.”

Tax free investment for ISA owners

UK investors, attracted by the twin benefits of tax-free income and growth, had a total of £470 billion invested in ISAs in the 2013/14 tax year.* However, many investors do not realise that ISAs form part of their estate for inheritance tax (IHT) purposes – and with more than 25% of ISA investors aged 65+*, this represents a real and growing IHT problem.

The Unicorn AIM IHT Portfolio Service is ISA-qualifying and offers a simple solution. Investors can transfer their existing ISA portfolios into the Service, retaining all ISA tax benefits and potentially qualifying for 100% IHT relief after only two years. The Service offers an Income Portfolio option (as well as a Growth Portfolio option), which aims to provide a tax-free dividend income circa 3.5% per annum (paid quarterly) as well as IHT mitigation after two years.

* Source: HM Revenue and Customs, April 2015.

This press release does not constitute investment, legal, tax or other advice nor is it to be relied on in making an investment or other decision. This press release is not a solicitation, offer or recommendation to acquire or dispose of any investment or to engage in any other transaction. Unicorn Asset Management Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Unicorn Asset Management

Unicorn Asset Management was established in 2000 and is an independently owned and managed company. It specialises in investing in UK small and mid-cap companies, AIM and fledgling markets.

Unicorn operates a team based approach to investment management and its experienced, committed and well-resourced investment team has over 100 years’ of combined experience.  Unicorn is focused on being the ‘best not the biggest’ and its funds aim to deliver long term outperformance. Unlike many investment firms, Unicorn is majority owned by its directors, the management team and the founder’s family, providing further incentive to help ensure that the funds deliver consistently strong performance.

Unicorn manages in the region of £1 billion in a range of funds designed to satisfy a variety of investor requirements, including UK Income, UK Growth, UK Smaller Companies, an investment trust and an AIM focused VCT.

Chris Hutchinson, Director & Senior Fund Manager

Chris is the lead manager of Unicorn AIM VCT and has been a key member of the Unicorn Investment Committee since he joined the firm in 2005. Prior to joining Unicorn, Chris was a Fund Manager at Montanaro Investment Managers for over eight years where he specialised in UK smaller companies.

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