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Unicorn AIM VCT (‘the VCT’) has closed its latest £15 million offer, having been fully subscribed. Investors who missed out on the latest VCT offer can still access Unicorn’s AIM expertise via the Unicorn AIM IHT Portfolio Service.

Since launch in 2001, Unicorn AIM VCT has delivered marketing-leading capital returns in the AIM-focused VCT sector and a consistently progressive dividend income stream to shareholders. In the period since launch in 2001, Net Asset Value per share has increased significantly, while shareholders have received approximately £43.2m in tax-free dividend distributions.

Unicorn AIM VCT is also currently the largest AIM-focused VCT in the market with net assets of approximately £160 million. By virtue of its substantial size, investors in Unicorn AIM VCT are able to access an established, diverse and strongly performing portfolio of investments.

Unicorn has been one of the leading institutional investors in the AIM market since its inception in 2000. It currently manages over £250 million in AIM stocks across its range of UK OEICS and the AIM-focused VCT.

Chris Hutchinson, Manager of the Unicorn AIM VCT commented, “There has been a very positive response from Advisers to this latest Offer, which was fully subscribed within two weeks of opening. Despite the current political and economic uncertainty across the globe, I am confident we can continue to find attractive investment opportunities for the VCT to complement the existing portfolio of profitable, cash generative and dividend paying companies that should thrive over the longer term.”

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