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Client signature missing:

If the client isn’t able to print it off, sign and send it back, they can fill in the attached forms online and use DocuSign, which City have confirmed they accept for all our VCTs and e-mail that into

They can then transfer the cash directly to City, using the bank details and reference stated on each app.

IFA signature missing:

If the IFA isn’t able to sign, they can either:

  • Also use DocuSign
  • Or can be signed by any other advisor or para-planner in the company. The firm will have to include a cover letter using company headed paper saying that this person is authorised to sign on the original IFA’s behalf. When this has all blown over, they can use a Change of Authority letter to change the IFA attached to this investment

Please note the below for Pembroke VCT applications:

As you may be aware lots of our valued IFA clients are now working remotely and in situations where adding their own signature to the application form is made difficult. To combat this we have agreed with Howard Kennedy our sponsors that scanned application forms with the investors signature can be emailed to without having the IFA sign the form as long as the IFA includes the following statement in their email:

“I/We confirm agreement to the terms set out in Section 11 of the Application Form, as set out in the prospectus for Pembroke VCT plc dated 2 September 2019.”

If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the team by email or by calling 020 7071 3920.

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